To provide leadership to the members of the Occoneecheel Venturing Officer’s Association (VOA) through adherence to the program and policies of the council. He/She regularly reports to the VOA President on the progress of his/her duties. He/She works with the VOA Vice-President of Communication Adviser to ensure the proper implementation of all VOA operations by the youth leaders and members of Venturing in the Heart of America Council.


  • In consultation with the president, appoints and supervises subsidiary youth positions needed to perform the communication functions of the VOA
  • Works with an associate volunteer Advisor of the VOA.
  • Actively studies and remains aware of the best way to communicate to Venturers on the VOA and in its jurisdiction, understanding that several methods of delivery must be utilized for maximum effectiveness.
  • Ensures that the VOA's web presence is being maintained, updated, and scaled appropriately for effective publication of information and collection of feedback.
  • Periodically publishes a newsletter of past, current, and future events, including articles of noteworthy events and other items of interest to Venturers.
  • Submits articles about the VOA’s activities to other Scouting media (e.g., council or region newsletter and websites).
  • Actively pursues opportunities to increase VOA exposure by submitting articles, comments, photos, and upcoming event announcements, and reports to external publications such as local newspapers and other appropriate venues.
  • Maintains groups, pages, blogs, calendars, message boards, etc., on the most relevant social media and social networking sites.
  • Develops and maintains the tools to communicate with all relevant parties using a variety of methods such as telephone, text message, email, and postal mail as appropriate.
  • Maintains rosters of VOA members and frequently involved persons, including as many forms of readily available communication paths as possible, and identifies preferred methods, making it available to the VOA as needed and appropriate.
  • Develops, updates, maintains, and makes readily available marketing strategies, solutions, and materials.
  • Actively pursues contact information for people, groups, and businesses of interest to the VOA.
  • Performs any other duties as assigned by the president.
  • Attend all appropriate meetings/trainings of council, area, region, and national functions as possible.
  • Actively promote attendance by other Venturers at council, area, region and national events.
  • Follow all proper financial practices including budgeting within all areas of responsibility.
  • Promotes the correct wearing of the Scout uniform by personal example.
  • Conduct himself/herself at all times according to the highest standards of the Venturing Oath and Code.


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